high end cars in a warehouse
high end cars in a warehouse

Import to the USA


We offer containerized or Ro/Ro service for the shipment of vehicle or personal effects to the US. For the import of vehicles into the United States, special conditions apply.

The import of Old-timers (vehicles older than 25 years) and the import for temporary use is the easiest way to import a vehicle.

All information on US standards for vehicles can be found under www.nhtsa.gov

Every port and every customs authority requests individual requirements depending on the situation and status of vehicle and owner. Please contact our import team for further information.



Different Shipping Services:

  • International Car Shipping
  • Shipping Household Goods
  • Motorcycle Shipping
  • Boat & Yacht Transport

International Ocean Freight Shipping

As an international shipping company, we specialize a wide range of services and depending on the type of shipment, there is always an option that will be better suited than another.

For instance, most oversized shipments will use what's known as a flat rack because a standard ocean cargo container won't work.

However, the ones that are used most are the 20 foot and 40 foot containers, both the standard size and high cube.

There are numerous varieties used by freight forwarders but these are the most widely used for common cargo related to international relocation and shipping.

The next important question would be to ask yourself, which shipping container size is right for my shipment?

That will depend on whether your cargo is only 1 cubic meter of household goods, or motorcycles (crated or non-crate, auto parts

How to Ship Cargo Overseas via Container

Regardless of the size of the shipping container, two terms that are quite common in relation to each container shipment are FCL and LCL, or full container load and less container load.

These two terms are used quite frequently by forwarders, but you will also hear shared/consolidated container and sole use container.

As we specialize in international relocation and vehicle shipping, we'll explain what each means in these terms.

The terms themselves are pretty simple. Let's say we have an international move of a one bedroom apartment with only 5 cubic meter of cargo. It wouldn't make sense to book an entire 20 foot container and only use a small amount of space.

So to save yourself money, that extra space is filled with other shipments bound for the same final destination. We actually specialize in consolidation, which is a more relevant term than LCL.

Depending on the commodity, this is a very practical method. FCL, is the equivalent to our sole use container service and just means that you've booked your own container and can use the space to the fullest.

*Our overseas shipping services are tailored to each individual shipment and we always try to find the best option for our clients based on the timeframe, destination and delivery method.

In the ever expanding and changing world that we live in, our company's knowledge and experience keeps us at the top of our industry and allows us to better serve you.

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